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Love Heart Earrings (Stud)


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Love Heart Earrings (Drop)


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Love Heart Ring (Mirror Finish)


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Love Heart Ring (FrostedFinish)


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Love Heart Pendant (One Heart) - Mirror Finish


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Love Heart Pendant (One Heart) - Frosted Finish


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Love Heart Pendant (Two Hearts) - Frosted Finish


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Love Heart Pendant (Two Hearts) - Mirror Finish


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Love Heart Brooch - Mirror Finish


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Love Heart Brooch - Frosted Finish


Item collection ccabecd4 3d8b 4e4e 8dee 5f0b6823f5bf

Love Heart Necklet - Mirror Finish


Item collection 1600ab59 0b99 417e 86ae 44063d5aee81

Love Heart Necklet - Frosted Finish


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I work with rare and recycled materials to handcraft a range of products perfect for the eco conscious consumer who doesn’t buy wastefully. Are you looking for something unique or a gift that's extra special, something that stands out from the crowded monotony of mass manufacture? If so, welcome to the wonderful world of creative recycling that is Milomade.